Monday, March 8, 2010

"Material Exhibition" At Beep Beep Gallery!

Pictures from the "Material Exhibition" at Beep Beep Gallery 696 Charles Allen Drive Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30308. Material Exhibition February 13- March 07 2010
Beep Beep Gallery Atlanta Ga- Pictures taken by Jack Wallis

Untitled (Baboon Teeth)
Mixed Media- Plaster, Rhinestones

Baboon Teeth Detail

"Exploding Buck" (reconfigured), 2 Guns, and Bunny
Glazed Ceramic
Wide View in Gallery

"Exploding Buck" (reconfigured)
Glazed Ceramic

Close-up of underneath


2 Guns and Bunny

2 Guns and Bunny
Side View

"Lady's Big Black Rifle"
Mixed Media- Ceramic and Wood

Side view of "Lady's Big Black Rifle"

"Whitey's Meat Gun"
Mixed Media- ceramic, wood, foam

Untitled (Bunny with Monocle)
Mixed Media- Rhinestones, Synthetic Fur

Detail of "Monocle"

Detail of Ruby Eye