Monday, December 20, 2010

Pictures from the Plastic Exhibition at Eyedrum Music and Art Gallery

Do you have art cred? Is art the next bubble or a new establishment? Consider this and more at PLASTIC, the very LAST exhibition in the current location for Eyedrum Art & Music.

PLASTIC is an exhibition of work on, of or about plastic curated by Jonathan Dye and Mandie Turner Mitchell. The opening reception is a performance art event brought to you by Twinhead Theatres. Join us as we examine plastic materials and plastic society all in one.

You'll need your Eyedrum art credit score before you are allowed to enter. Come Saturday night and find out if you have what it takes to make it to the Silver, Gold, Platinum or coveted Black gallery. If your score is low, no worries. Our creditors give you as many chances as you need. You can consolidate your art viewing debt until you see it all. (Oh and you will want to see it all.) Check here online for the link to get pre-approved. Purchase or renew an Eyedrum membership Saturday night and get an all access pass to all four galleries.

Romy Maloon in Black Gallery, Installation View

"Black Springbok"

Installation View

Seasonal Installation SOLD

"A Lovely Infestation"

"Two Black Bunnies Boning on a Bear Skin" SOLD

Artists Speaking at Eyedrum

Featuring work by Emma Adair, Chris Bakay, Anne Cox, Melinda Crider, Jaynie Crimmins, Yosafa Deutsch, Josephine Durkin, Matthew Dutton, Claire Lewis Evans, Lynn Priscilla Fowler, Isabelle Garbani, Jamey Grimes, Greg Hart, Mike Jensen, Melissa Johnston, Edgar Lituma, Romy Maloon, Christopher McCarra, Kelly O'Brien, Andrew Prieto, Guatam Rao, Seanna Reilly, Lucha Rodriguez, Sara Shindel, Jenny Shultz, Katie Troisi, Omar Vega, Lisa Ward, Andrew Wicker, and Kate Windley.

The Eyedrum art committee guarantees more ground breaking exhibitions for the future. We hope you will join us for this last experience at 290 MLK.

PLASTIC : November 20, 2010 - December 26, 2010

Gallery Hours : Friday 3-8pm / Saturday & Sunday 1-6pm or by appt.