Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Job: Georgia

Day Job: Georgia
Curated by Nina Katchadourian and Stuart Horodner

Ashley Anderson, Mac Balentine, Christopher Chambers, Sarah Emerson, Sharon Lapin, Jody Fausett, Lane Ketner, George Long & Jessamine Starr, Romy Aura Maloon, Ignacio Michaud, Michael David Murphy, Valentina Custer O’Roark, Monet Taylor, Andy Moon Wilson, Zuzka Vaclavik

Day Job: Georgia brings together 15 artists whose various modes of employment have a clear link to the art that they produce. Selected from a statewide call for submissions that yielded hundreds of applicants, those chosen work in the food, architecture, gardening, sales, security, customer service, home improvement, and childcare industries.

Co-curator Nina Katchadourian posed two questions as Day Job: Georgia’s guiding concerns: 1. The day job can stand in the way of “freedom,” but is complete freedom necessarily the best climate for productivity? 2. If you choose to work, do you choose a job that’s very different from your creative work, so as not to sap energy from it, or do you parlay your artistic abilities into something that you can get paid for?

Most people do not have a choice about working; they must. What is clear about the artists in this exhibition is that their art is empowered by the skills, materials, and rituals of their day job. Their works address the ways in which labor can be boring, humorous, stressful, and satisfying.

At a time when Americans struggle with record unemployment rates and economic woes, the issues of working for money and pleasure take on added relevance. Perseverance and nimbleness, characteristics that have defined artists for centuries, become the modus operandi for anyone seeking a satisfying work life.

A catalogue documenting Day Job: Georgia will be available in March 2012.

Day Job has been organized by The Drawing Center, NY. The presentation of Day Job: Georgia at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center is curated by Nina Katchadourian and Stuart Horodner.

Here are some Images from my exhibited work & some excellent show reviews on Creative Loafing and Arts Critic ATL!

What Rough Beast, It's Hour Come Round at Last

Installation: Plywood, Stain, Glitter, Chain, Gems

Roughly: 4ft. H x 14ft. W x 11ft. L

Detail View: "Bullet Holes" with Red Glitter

Seasonal Installation

Installation: White Tail Deer Skull, Synthetic Flowers

Roughly: 422inch. H x 14inch. W x 12inch. L

Pictures by Dave Batterman


"This group exhibited consists of works created on or applied to wood triangles. These triangles were hand-cut by Beep Beep Gallery staff members in three sizes: small, medium and large. The finished triangles were displayed in a series of patterns and arranged throughout the gallery. Participating artists included Dorothy Stucki, Nathan Phaneuf, Sarah Daly, Sam Parker, Allen Taylor, Kelly Cloninger, Sanithna Phansavanh, Kelly McKernan, Romy Maloon, and many others."

Artlantis Festival in Atlanta, Ga

Last summer I participated in ARTLANTIS, an arts festival put on by Beep Beep gallery annually.

"Artlantis is an all day summer festival that takes place on the lawn of Druid Hills Baptist Church. Unlike other Atlanta festivals, Artlantis is unique in that it exclusively showcases art and music from local talent. With ever-gaining momentum, Artlantis is well on it’s way to being a local tradition."

Me at our booth, we sold jewelry and art work.

Side view of our table, vintage dress and guns

Animal hook jewelry holder

Hand cut guns

Framed show poster

My Moustaches Decorating the Offices of Scoutmob

In May of 2011, I created some custom art work for the Atlanta Offices of Scoutmob, everyone's favorite local deal app. I created four moustaches similar in shape to the four listed on the iphone app. Each one was cut from plywood and had a different surface treatment.

The only image of the work installed in their space is pulled from the Scoutmob

Tumblr... and if you 're really interested you can catch a glimpse on their intro video about a minute in. Here is the work from up close so you can see the surface treatments.

Collaged vintage women's magazine ads from the 1890s,
with Orange (Scoutmob's Color) Dusting the surface

Orange wood stain, with multiple polyurethane layers

Pinstripe fabric, with foam padding for upholstering

Every gal's favorite, black sequins

Exquisite Corpse - Pictures

I originally posted about the Exquisite Corpse show at MINT Gallery back in May, but I did not post some pictures.
In this group exhibit, loosely based on the surrealist “exquisite corpse” technique, seven local artists will contribute elements to be composed into collaborative figurative arrangements. Curated by MINT's Gallery Manager, Mike Germon, “Exquisite” will allow each participating artist to explore physicality and the living form using the medium of their choice. Each artist created a "head, torso, and limbs," for the curator to organize in mixed compositions.

Mixed Media: Wire, wood, duck tape, silicon, glitter, chain, springbok skin

The head in this piece is mine
Glazed Ceramic Earthenware, synthetic flowers

Canvas, wood, wire, acrylic heels, synthetic fur, acrylic nails

Me posing with my sexy stripper legs.

I intend to take the body and legs and photograph them in an outdoor setting

Atlanta Celebrates Pornography

In the spirit of the new year, I have made a resolution to post my work from all the shows I participate in. I wanted to play a little catch-up first, since my last post was quite a while ago...
Here are some pictures from:
"Beep Beep Gallery pushes all the right buttons, highlighting red light specials and erotic sexscapades with artworks that stroke your G-spot. Do we need mention your artistic curiosity? With an exhibition that's a playful take on the city's monthlong Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Jonathan Boughknight, Ben Goldman, Romy Maloon, Lucha Rodriguez, Andrea Sanders, and Jason Travis refine the gray areas of the sex industry. Taboo subject matter includes voyeurism, spirituality, pleasure, fantasy and erotica. Opening reception Oct. 9, 8 p.m."
— Simone Jameson
Installation View

"Buck Fuck," Acrylic and Glitter on Canvas, 36x 48",

with foam glitter hearts exploding onto the wall

"Tina Skull Fuck" Glitter Dusted White Tail Deer Skull, Synthetic Fur, Red Glitter Disk

"Two Black Bunnies, Boning on a Bare Skin"
Black Glitter, White Glitter, Foam, Synthetic Fur, Rhinestones